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The Money you need using only stock

The Money you need using only your securities lending with stock as collateral *No Upfront Fees*
SCG Stone Creek Global, LTD. is a BVI (British Virgin Islands) Private Capital Firm registration number 1924430, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. SCG is the #1 Trusted DIRECT LENDER offering Liquidity Requirement Solutions for C-level Executives and the Ultra-High Net Worth.

•  Entire process will take 3 - 14 days maximum.                  
•  Annual interest of only 3%-6%.
•  Loan to Value (LTV) from 40% up to 80% of value of stock.
•  Almost all publicly traded companies in the world are eligible.
•  The stock shares must be in electronic format, paper stock shares are not eligible.
•  The stock shares are kept in a bank custodian account of mutual agreement.
•  The stock shares are never short traded, sold, reassigned, transferred or traded.
•  The stock shares remain in the name of company or client in mutual agreed custodian bank.
•  Minimum loan amount of $1MM up to $500MM+, no maximum.
•  Non-recourse stock loans, no corporate or personal  guarantee required.
•  Only requirement is that the stock must be free trading, not restricted and with a minimum level of trading liquidity of $50K DAILY.
•  Loan term is min. 2 years max. 10 years and can be extended.
•  Loan will be closed via Internet and funds can be disbursed in any currency and free to be transferred anywhere.
•  No restriction whatsoever on use of funds.
•  No borrower requirement. Securities are the collateral. Loan is against stock & securities, not borrower.
•  No buyer qualification required. No credit checks.
•  Loan proceeds to be used for any purpose and not restricted in any way.
•  No ownership transfer of stock or securities.
•  Dividends are paid to stock & securities owner because owner still official owner of record.
•  Simple interest is paid quarterly.
•  Conducting business Globally.

SCG Loan Request Process 10 Steps

1) “Qualification and Why” live voice or video call Show and Email Flow Chart of SCG Loan Process
The reason why is because we need to know if the borrower is for real and to build rapport, build trust and get their “Why” which is so important to the process.

2) Email Introduction Q&A to borrower
The Q&W call is the vital foundation of the entire loan, establish the relationships, rapport with the borrower and the trust with all parties involved in the transaction.

3) Get Terms Request from SCG
Get Terms Request from SCG.

4) Delivery Loan Terms with a live voice or video call to answer their questions and move it to Next Steps
A written Stock Loan Terms Sheet is issued by SCG for the borrower to review.

Most of our clients have questions about the next steps. We compiled all of these questions across the world and created a Q&A. Listen now to a fantastic Q&A with the President and CBDO of SCG to discover what you want to know instantly about funding your new loan with SCG and how fast you will get your money.

6) Forward Executed Terms and KYC (Know Your Customer)
Forward to SCG Stock Loan Terms Sheet signed by the borrower accepting the terms of the loan.

7) Loan Documents Delivery Live voice or video call
Loan Documents Delivery Live voice or video call to borrower for review.

Forward to SCG Executed Loan Documents signed by the borrower.

9) Custodian Account Established
A custodian bank/transfer agent will be selected which is designated to hold the shares at during the loan term, the SCG and borrower place the securities with an agreed upon custodian bank/transfer agent. The securities must be in electronic format, paper securities are not eligible. An agreement between the borrower, SCG, and the custodian bank/transfer agent is prepared and executed by all three parties. A closing statement will be generated and the borrower will deposit the stock with the custodian bank/transfer agent.

SCG wire the funds to the bank account the borrower has provided to SCG and the stock custodian / transfer agent.



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